Van Volxem

Located in the historic centre of Wiltingen on the River Saar, Van Volxem can be traced back to a Roman villa complex, whose fragments are still visible on the site.

The vineyards of the winery – which are already planted in the best slate slopes of the Saar River by the Romans in the 3rd century – are among the oldest steep slopes. From the 11th century the winery were rediscovered and the value were realized by monks, from the 16th century the winery was cultivated by the Order “Society of Jesus“ and finally built as a monastery winery in 1743.

As a result of the French Revolution, the property became secularized and eventually became property of the brewer Gustav van Volxem, who had immigrated from Brussels. The visionary van Volxem recognized the potential of the privileged Great Appelations of the winery and developed it into one of the most renowned wineries in the German empire. With the rise of the Moselle wine – and in particular the wines of the Saar River – as a world-famous luxury item, the heyday of Van Volxem began, his creszenzen stand now internationally on many wine lists

After four generations in the family van Volxem, Roman Niewodniczanski took over the winery in 2000, restored it according to the specifications for monuments preservation, and expanded it since then with numerous top Appelations.The team, supported by the director Dominik Völk in 2004, is committed to the rich history of the tradition and strives to turn Van Volxem into a leading international winery for white wine.