Already during his time as a musician at the First General Uncertainty (EAV) Günther’s interest for wine has developed. Countless holidays and excursions have led him and his wife Michaela to the best wine-growing regions of Austria and Europe – many trips also went to Mörbisch. With his enthusiasm for wine, Günther has soon also infected his whole family. His children, Johanna and Jakob, have been working at the winery since the beginning.

Meanwhile they control 22 ha in Mörbisch, Rust and Oggau at Neusiedler. These locations are characterized by the Pannonian climate and spoiled by the sun. The slopes of the Leitha mountains deliver the grapes for full-bodied wines.

The winery works according to biological-dynamic guidelines and is an approved member of the Demeter association.

What is important to them: careful handling of the grapes during wine harvest and pressing process, rest for the wine in the cellar, no fining of the wine, no filtration, no additives, only spontaneous fermentation. All wines mature in wooden barrels.