Montefiore Winery

Kerem Montefiore is a small boutique, start-up winery, founded to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mishkenot Sha’ananim. This was the first neighborhood built outside the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, which became the cornerstone of modern Jerusalem. When the land was purchased by Moses Montefiore, it was known as Kerem Moshe Montefiore (Moses Montefiore’s Vineyard).

The life of Sir Moses Montefiore is best remembered at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, which he founded in 1860. The original long, low building stood facing Mount Zion. Today it is the centre of cultural activity in Jerusalem. The Montefiore Windmill is part of the skyline and one of the main landmarks of Jerusalem. The founding of the winery celebrates The Person, The Place and The Vision.

The winery is a joint venture between Arnon Geva and the first Israeli Montefiores. They were inspired by the Moses Montefiore’s agricultural vision, his love of wine and his passion for Jerusalem. Geva, a founding partner of Domaine du Castel, was brought up in Yemin Moshe, in the shadow of the iconic Windmill. His partners, Rachel and David Montefiore are direct descendants of Sir Mose’s nephew and heir.