Les Perrières

912 is a landmark date in the history of the village of Peissy and its vineyards. A document dating from this time officially records the donation of this land to Satigny Priory.

The little village of Peissy, tucked away in the heart of Geneva’s vineyards, just a few kilometres outside the city, has been home to our family estate since 1794. Able to look back on 220 years of wine-growing, the Domaine Les Perrières is now run by Bernard Rochaix, assisted by members of the younger generation, passionate and disciplined about their work and eager to carry on the wine-growing heritage. Together, they have the classic winemaking techniques down to a fine art, know all about the latest winemaking techniques and can rely on the valuable co-operation of the talented wine expert, Sébastien Schwarz.

The ‘terroir’, composed of molassic and clayey soils, and the mild climate of the region lend a warmth of flavour to our wines to underline the fruitiness of our grapes