La Cave de Genève

The eventful and great history of La Cave de Genève begins at the end of the First World War. In 1929 some winemakers from the region of Arve et Lac founded a co-operative. It had the name La Cave de la Souche and had united around 50 members. The first Swiss Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée was also created from this group. From 1933 the co-operative was called La Cave de Mandement.

In 1948 the Vin Union started its business. Their activities included all oenological tasks, product Design and Sales. Even though there were many name changes in the following years – the keyword “La Cave” always remains. In the 1970s, the company processed almost 80 percent of the total production in Geneva. The main business: the conversion of grapes to wine and its sale. The cooperative receives grapes immediately after harvesting.

Founded in 1994, La Cave de Genève quickly combined its wines with local culture. This is also reflected in the slogan «Terres de Cultures». In each of their wine-lines the past and the present history of Geneve are reflected.

Since 2007 the Cave de Genève SA is located in Satigny. Here you have the opportunity to discover and taste their quality wines all year long. These wines are produced from vines, which are cultivated by their winemakers with passion and skill.