Stölzle Lausitz:
A family business with strong roots in tradition

A certificate from the year 1433 mentions for the first time a glashütte in the Lausitz. It is said to have produced a greenish or brownish “forest glass”. The area was rich in quartz sand, limestone, clay and wood. Perfect conditions for the production of glass. Over the years, Lausitz has developed into one of the most important European regions for glassmaking.

The roots of Stölzle
In 1889, in the “Oberlausitzer Glaswerke J. Schweig and Co.” were manufactured hollow glassware for the first time. The factory in Weißwasser experienced the changing German history with different names. After German reunification, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, a sixth-Generation family entrepreneur, took over the Glashütte.

One of the largest German manufacturers of goblets
Stölzle Lausitz GmbH has retained its independence up to the present time. Also in the company association of Stölzle-Oberglas AG. For 126 years, in Weißwasser we have been developing independently new products and processes. Today Stölzle is the largest producer of goblets in Germany. Real vintners appreciate the goblets from Stölzle Lausitz as ideal “living space” for every good drop. These are successes for which we thank their loyal employees.