Edelbrandmanufaktur Guggenbichler
Bavarian distillation culture from the Chiemgau

amidst of beautiful scenery, surrounded by the Chiemgau mountains and the gentle hills of the Alpine upland, the precious fruits grow with the appreciated taste, the basis for their fine brandies.

Since 1829, the distilliery Guggenbichler produce prestigious brands of fine spirits. Every little individual work step is done with effortful handiwork and great care since generations.
Only fully ripe and hand-picked fruit satisfies the high quality requirements;
because of cautious processing, the fruits unfold a pure, authentic aroma and give the “genuine Guggenbichler” the selected and harmonious taste in its fruit varieties.

The special feature of the production in its master enterprice is the love for the detail and the correct choice of the fully ripe products, as well as the long-time experience of the master distiller. The name Guggenbichler has been around for 5 generations.