Bonnaire Champagne

For over 80 years, the know-how has been passed on from generation to generation. It is Fernand Bouquemont, the great-grandfather of the current owner, who embarks on an adventure during economic crisis in spring 1931. He had to decide: sell the land or entry into the champagne production.

One year later (1932) Fernand founded the Champagne house and all the efforts quickly paid off. For his first bottling, Fernand received a gold medal at the Concours Agricole. The beautiful story begins.

It is then his son André Bonnaire, then Jean-Louis (André’s son), who at the end of 1960, the last impulse gives the house and the Bonnaire style, to help to worldwide recognition and admiration.

Jean-Louis, at his young age, understands the importance of wine making and it is he who gives his house and the region the ability to produce wines of great finesse and easily accessible.

With great passion for his subject, Jean-Louis took over the vineyards of his wife Marie-Thérèse Clouet from Bouzy in the early 1990s and helped her to create her own brand: Paul Clouet. The success is identical, the wines of Bouzy, mostly Pinot Noir, from now on have a great player: Paul Clouet.

In the last few years of his life it gives a great pleasure to Jean-Louis, to cover his both sons Jean-Etienne and Jean-Emmanuel, with his advices and the wealth of his over 50 years experience at the top of the wine estate.

The two brothers take over the work of their great-grandfather, Fernand, and have been successfully carrying on the estate ever since.